New York (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

Sandblast Productions has opened a new facility at historic 1650 Broadway where its team of musicians and audio engineers will blend art and technology to help clients tell stories with compelling music, distinctive sound design, state-of- the-art mixing and Grammy Award-winning audio restoration.

Once Americas most famous entertainment building, 1650 Broadway was home to musical luminaries Irving Berlin and Fats Waller. Legendary Carole King, Neil Diamond and Neil Sedaka wrote some of musics most memorable songs in its halls. Today, Sandblast shares building space with arts and entertainment giants Cameron Mackintosh, the New York Orchestra and Whoopi Goldberg, among others.

At Sandblast, our whole focus is that sound matters, said Ralph Kelsey, Sandblast founding member. Our team is steeped in deep music tradition, so we understand how sounds and textures fit together to tell a story. We are very excited to be part of the musical history at 1650 Broadway, and to explore that creative energy with our clients.

Downward pricing pressure, in-house mix suites, reduced production budgets and high rents have pushed a string of New York studio and audio post closings in recent years. Sandblasts musical depth and audio post mixing expertise set it apart, a difference recognized by its long-standing clients such as CBS, NBC, Showtime, HBO, Sesame Street and ESPN. Recent projects include sound design, mixing and music for Showtimes Masters of Sex and Penny Dreadful series, HBO’s Vice series, and upfronts for CBS and ESPN. Film mixing and sound design projects include The Lifeguard, Night Has Settled, and Purpose Built, among others.

Sandblast Studios at 1650

Sandblasts new facility includes two main mix studios with identical hardware and software, and a third room, designed as a MIDI/composing suite that is fully equipped to handle post production sessions. Clients will have access to a wide variety of live and virtual instruments, enabling the addition of any sound, musical embellishment and audience reaction banks.

The facility includes a recording booth for voice over and narration sessions, big enough to accommodate a string quartet or a room full of DVD commentators. Each studio is equipped with a hi-tech solution featuring multi-view monitors in place of the traditional studio glass to reduce reflection problems, allowing any combination of studio camera for communication and video playback, even teleprompter-style scripts.

Inside the curved walls of the uniquely-designed Sandblast lounge, Sandblast clients can spin LPs spanning a variety of musical genres to inspire sound creation, while enjoying views of the city from Central Park to the New Years Ball.

Who is Sandblast?

The Sandblast team of composers, producers, audio post engineers, sound designers, audio restorers and sonic specialists boasts a depth of expertise in musical talent and audio engineering that is unique in the industry. Its founding members are:


Portable concentrators have helped many people that use to be stuck in the house get out and enjoy life again. Before technology caught up, these people were stuck at home, or it was an effort to have to go anywhere. If they did go anywhere they would have to take big bulky oxygen tanks with them where ever they went. They couldn’t get on a plane because these weren’t approved FAA. There are many people out there that become dependent on home and only went out when they needed to go to the doctor. Portable concentrators have made is so these people have no more worries. They are generally very light. There is no bulky machine to drag around. It runs off a battery and makes its own oxygen so it is much safer. In fact, the FAA allows them on flights. Portable concentrators are a piece of technology that many people find quite amazing.


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Decatur, IL (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

300 Below is releasing the next generation of its TruBlue brake rotors, which evolved from 300 Below’s old Duralife nitrogen-based brake rotor technology that 300 Below created in 1997 and trademarked a year later. An average small fleet of 100 vehicles will save $ 373,000+ over seven years by switching to TruBlue brake rotors from standard components. Further announcement(s) disclosing partnership(s) for TruBlue brake rotor distribution among major Midwest-based fleet distributors will take place on or before April 30, 2014.

TruBlue brake rotors are considered to be the most “green” (environment-friendly) alternative to purchasing traditional brake rotors, as they are guaranteed to last twice as long as normal original equipment (OE) brake rotors after employing a liquid-nitrogen based cryogenic treatment process that comes from the air we breathe and goes safely back into the atmosphere after the treatment has concluded.

TruBlue brake rotors feature a rust-preventative coating in addition to cryogenic tempering that extends service life of brake rotors by up to three times their normal operating range from previously installed original equipment (OE) brake rotors. When winter roads require salt to be applied, most standard equipment deteriorates rapidly over time, whereas the TruBlue brake rotors are engineered to last longer and perform better in harsh road conditions where salt and other abrasive or corrosive elements may be present.

TruBlue brake rotors undergo an extension of the typical heat treatment process to which most rotors are subjected, going far below room temperature to reach cryogenic ranges of nearly -320F (-195C) in order to rearrange the molecular structure. This process ultimately creates a brake component that is stronger and more stable after realignment of its molecules.

“After several years preparing for this new launch and building strong relationships with fleet managers around the United States, we’re pleased to see our hard work result in a number of new strategic partnerships here at 300 Below,” says Pete Paulin, President & C.E.O. of 300 Below, Inc. “Empowering new distributors to carry the best fleet brake technology for their customers remains our top goal. It’s our duty to focus on new research and innovation that our partners expect from 300 Below.”

“If every truck using TruBlue rotors experiences an average savings of $ 1,038.13 just on brake jobs, that’s money to pay for additional training, manpower and safety programs for a fleet, or even increase the bottom line for an organization. Fleet managers love us because they are becoming heroes inside their company,” says Randy Prince, Director of Fleet Marketing & Sales for TruBlue Brakes at 300 Below.

The results are further realized when speaking with loyal customers who swear by 300 Below’s technology: Before switching to cryogenically treated rotors, the life of our untreated rotors had ranged from a low of 6,000 miles to a high of 12,000 miles and required turning every time the pads were replaced. Now, our fleet of 36 ambulances (2002-2004 E 350) equipped with treated rotors are averaging rotor life of 60,300 miles. We monitor maintenance expenses very closely, and are extremely happy with our savings since we began using TruBlue rotors, says Chris Gardner at Metro Atlanta Ambulance in Marietta, GA.


About 300 Below, Inc.

300 Below / CryoTech is the world’s largest and oldest commercial cryogenic processing company, in business since 1966. Through a liquid nitrogen based process, molecular structures of steel components are rearranged to last 200-300% longer for around 20% cost of the component. 300 Below’s cryogenic treatment acts an extension of the heat treatment process used in manufacturing defense and aerospace components, high-performance motorsports applications, 262,000+ gun barrels, sporting goods, musical instruments. 300 Below has started 156 operations in 36 countries around the world with its technology. Customers include NASA, all branches of the U.S. Military and their contractors, General Motors / AC Delco, Gibson Guitar, and Rock River Arms.


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Silver has been known to be a healing agent and antibiotic for thousands of years. Colloidal silver is used today as an antibiotic supplement. Manufacturers have strict rules they have to follow in what they say that their products can do. This is in terms of helping with diseases or curing ailments, but they can show the benefits of silver throughout the years and allow the testimonies of individuals to speak of their products. Though silver has many benefits, it is important to note that not all products that claim to be a silver colloid product are actually colloidal silver. There are some manufactures that create products that use are more like a silver protein supplement instead of being a silver colloid product as they may be advertised. The main difference between these two products is that a protein binder is used to adhere to the very large silver particles, because they cannot remain suspended in water on their own. True colloidal silver has silver particles that are suspended in water on their own and require no binders.