Espectacular estreno mundial de Infinita Frida interpretada por la bailarina Elisa Carrillo
31/08/2013 Source: Office of Media and Communication

• Elisa Carrillo was born in Texcoco and is currently the lead dancer of the Ballet of the Berlin Opera.

• The music was written especially for this production and performed eight musicians of the Youth Orchestra of the State of Mexico

Texcoco, Mexico, August 31, 2013 -. Ocho dancers, eight musicians, eight colors, eight times. The symbolic number that is repeated endlessly is the hallmark of Infinite Frida, a choreographic work performed by the prima ballerina of the Ballet of the Opera of Berlin, Berlin Staatsballett, Elisa Carrillo Cabrera.

Texcocan of origin and universal artist, appeared before an audience eager to music, dance, color and movement. An audience that packed to maximum capacity the Theatre-Concert Hall named Elisa and essence in Mexiquense Bicentennial Cultural Center, located in Texcoco, worthy stage for the world premiere of this work in two acts, inspired by the life and work of the painter Frida Kahlo.

Amen to his countrymen, came to the quality and splendor of the Prima Ballerina people in many latitudes, even in other states, to appreciate his mastery of an almost ethereal than dancístico show, promoted by the Government of the State of Mexico.

On stage eight curtains, four on each side emulated prepared canvases for use with paint and brush, curtains that served as scenery while a faint music, written especially for this show, it was played by eight musicians of the Youth Orchestra State of Mexico, directed by Rodrigo Macias also Texcocan.

There, a little girl bike, call Lisa and embodied by the scholarship winner Elisa Carrillo 2013, in the Business category, Janine Mariana Morfin, was soon surrounded by figures with movements in endless circles invited her to a dream trip provided, the move to the depths of your mind, your body moving, your soul rest in solemn art of dance.

In dramatic act, the audience gasped when the girl fell asleep in front of the stage, while in the background a new character appeared on the scene: Lisa, women, adult Lisa creates her own life through their decisions; Lisa played by Elisa Carrillo, who was greeted on stage with spontaneous applause that ignited even more excitement.

From this point, the girl dreams transformed the stage into a huge canvas which chronicled the painful and happy moments that lived Frida Kahlo, accompanied by projections on the curtains, images of his most representative paintings.

So the doctor took the stage that helped the painter to recover from the terrible accident in his youth, to give way to the great love of Mexican painter Diego Rivera. However, Death was a recurring character who danced intermittently, always very close to Lisa, trying to seduce her with fine movements.

For the second act, Lisa, the girl has grown and fully surrenders to the world of art. Eight characters incarnated important figures in the life of the Mexican artist Diego Rivera, Leon Trotsky, Natalia, Alejandro, and Cristina, among others, again Death, who continued his hypnotic dance.

The stage was transformed into a huge painting workshop raised those dances Frida Kahlo in the Casa Azul; and paintings, loves, fears and joys. The floor art studio filled with colorful each brushstrokes that created that particular world, the reality that the artist forged throughout its history to establish himself as a legend with the harmonic evoked Elisa strokes his movements always perfect .

The audience was expectant to visual and performing quality games of eight dancers, who belong to the Berlin Opera and the Mariinsky Ballet, accompanied in the same space for the musicians of the symphony orchestra and the maestro Rodrigo Macias.

So, painting, dance, passion, death, pain and joy, were conjugated with subtle slides dancers, who seduced the viewers, who gave a long standing ovation at the curtain falls, in recognition international quality to the show that was presented at the Eastern State of Mexico.

After the staging, Elisa Carrillo Cabrera, visibly moved, thanked the governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas for their support to realize one of his dreams: to interpret your ultimate source of inspiration, the painter Frida Kahlo, through their art and passion, dance, and deliver it to the State of Mexico.

For his part, the director general of Mexican Institute of Culture, Carolina Moreno Alanis, recognized Elisa Carrillo night full of magic that took place in the Bicentennial Cultural Center Mexiquense and assured that actions like this, BMI pays the social tissue to regenerate, so that, through culture is better prepared mexiquenses, entering into a brighter future and where crime and violence have no place.
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Governor inaugurates a maquiladora plant in St. Thomas Clothing
9/09/2013 Fuente: Coordinación General de Comunicación Social

• The governor said his administration has allocated more than 400 million pesos to support productive projects nearly 144,000 women by funding and training programs.

Santo Tomas, Mexico, September 9, 2013 -. Inaugurating the Maquiladora Plant Bananas St. Thomas Cooperative of Women Entrepreneurs of this town, dedicated to the production of clothing, Governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas stressed that his administration has allocated more than 400 million pesos to support productive projects nearly 144,000 women by funding and training programs as well as business plans, microcredit, among others, as this sector has a key role for economic and social development State of Mexico.

“I will reiterate, endorsement my commitment to continue working on your side, on the side of women, and we will continue to support them with social programs, training programs, with programs to meet their health through preventive actions, such as units to check on medical days to verify that our women are very healthy and discard any type of cancer: cervical or breast cancer, because if the women do very well, their children and their families as well, “he said.

Eruviel Avila noted that three out of small and medium enterprises in the country five are headed by a woman, of which 88 percent are managed without professional support and 72 percent have as a client to the final consumer, so the government entity will continue to support this type of productive projects.

Regarding opened maquiladora, with day care for children of working, the Mexican governor explained that had an investment of nearly 8 million, and is part of the Cooperative Society of Women Entrepreneurs of this town, which was created in 2009, and currently consists of 300 women of the town, with the aim of producing 13,000 garments a week.

In this event, the executive head of state horticultural also gave props like baskets and parcels of laying hens for the development of family farms.
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In the State of Mexico an Arco 57 logistics platform will be built

27/08/2013 Source: Office of Media and Communication

• The Trust will place the State of Mexico as the number one company in the logistics sector and the exchange of goods and will also generate 25,000 direct and indirect jobs over the next six years, to benefit the people of the region.

Soyaniquilpan, Mexico, August 27, 2013 -. Governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas and Germán Ahumada Alducín, company president of Comprehensive Urban Development (DUI) signed the Development Trust of the logistics platform of the State of Mexico Arch 57 to build a distribution node that will position the company as the number one nationally concentrating in this sector, storage, transport and exchange of goods and services.

“The Government of Mexico will continue to work with the support of legislators, in coordination with the mayors, to promote the development of the state, but especially for the welfare of the State of Mexico, because there is no better social policy than economic policy, attract investment, provide facilities for investors who also have to create the jobs that our beloved State of Mexico deserves, “he said.

On the third day of his regional tour, with an overnight stay, this time in the north of the state, the Chief Executive explained that mexiquense Logistics Platform Arch 57, which will be built in the municipalities of Soyaniquilpan and Jilotepec, provide services which will reach the Gulf of Mexico, Mexican Pacific, the north of the country as well as United States and Canada, and which will generate 25,000 jobs, 10,000 direct and 15,000 indirect, over the next six years, thanks to private investment in three phases , about 2,400 million pesos.

“With this trust, we share a common task with Mr. President, our countryman, Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, to turn the country, as he mentions in a logistics center for added value, so the logistics of this project contributes very well to the National Development Plan projects that the president has for our country. With the National Infrastructure Investment Program of Transport and Communications 2013-2018, he will promote balanced regional development, logistics will develop connectivity, improving the quality of life for the population, “he said.

Eruviel Ávila said that this project, which will be one of the best connected logistics platforms in the world, the goals of President Enrique Peña Nieto, of democratizing productivity will be arriving achieving development opportunities to all regions of the country and State of Mexico.

He said that in this project, the Government of Mexico, through the Trust for the Development of Industrial Parks and Zones in the State of Mexico (FIDEPAR), assign 37 acres and participate as settlor and trustee of this business group , which will provide an initial area of ​​300 hectares, with the support of Bank of New York Mellon.

He added that this area could be increased by contributions from the background, until more than 600 hectares, as this work will merge with the North Arch and federal Mexico-Queretaro highway, which make up the stretch of highway that connects the main roads Midwest.

Eruviel Ávila said that despite the economic downturn faced by emerging economies and the problems that some countries, Mexico and the State of Mexico walk to get ahead, because in the state are private projects starting in the coming months for 40 billion pesos. And so far this year, they have generated more than 40,000 jobs, with the opening of 7000 economic units.

Meanwhile, Germán Ahumada Alducín, president of DUI, acknowledged that the state of Mexico has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) generated in the country, so is the best logistics node connected to Mexico to build a strategic point for investment and job creation.

The event was attended by Carlos Gutierrez Andersen, president of Sustainable Development of Arc; Francisco Cervantes Diaz, president of the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico; the federal and local deputies, Miguel Samano Marlon Martinez Peralta and Martinez; Gabriel Ruiz Martinez, Mayor Soyaniquilpan and Adrián Félix Fuentes Villalobos and Cruz Roa Juvenal Sanchez, secretary of Economic Development and the Environment, respectively, as well as business leaders and chambers and business organizations.

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A beautifully played portion of a classical piece of Haydn’s.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


New York (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

Sandblast Productions has opened a new facility at historic 1650 Broadway where its team of musicians and audio engineers will blend art and technology to help clients tell stories with compelling music, distinctive sound design, state-of- the-art mixing and Grammy Award-winning audio restoration.

Once Americas most famous entertainment building, 1650 Broadway was home to musical luminaries Irving Berlin and Fats Waller. Legendary Carole King, Neil Diamond and Neil Sedaka wrote some of musics most memorable songs in its halls. Today, Sandblast shares building space with arts and entertainment giants Cameron Mackintosh, the New York Orchestra and Whoopi Goldberg, among others.

At Sandblast, our whole focus is that sound matters, said Ralph Kelsey, Sandblast founding member. Our team is steeped in deep music tradition, so we understand how sounds and textures fit together to tell a story. We are very excited to be part of the musical history at 1650 Broadway, and to explore that creative energy with our clients.

Downward pricing pressure, in-house mix suites, reduced production budgets and high rents have pushed a string of New York studio and audio post closings in recent years. Sandblasts musical depth and audio post mixing expertise set it apart, a difference recognized by its long-standing clients such as CBS, NBC, Showtime, HBO, Sesame Street and ESPN. Recent projects include sound design, mixing and music for Showtimes Masters of Sex and Penny Dreadful series, HBO’s Vice series, and upfronts for CBS and ESPN. Film mixing and sound design projects include The Lifeguard, Night Has Settled, and Purpose Built, among others.

Sandblast Studios at 1650

Sandblasts new facility includes two main mix studios with identical hardware and software, and a third room, designed as a MIDI/composing suite that is fully equipped to handle post production sessions. Clients will have access to a wide variety of live and virtual instruments, enabling the addition of any sound, musical embellishment and audience reaction banks.

The facility includes a recording booth for voice over and narration sessions, big enough to accommodate a string quartet or a room full of DVD commentators. Each studio is equipped with a hi-tech solution featuring multi-view monitors in place of the traditional studio glass to reduce reflection problems, allowing any combination of studio camera for communication and video playback, even teleprompter-style scripts.

Inside the curved walls of the uniquely-designed Sandblast lounge, Sandblast clients can spin LPs spanning a variety of musical genres to inspire sound creation, while enjoying views of the city from Central Park to the New Years Ball.

Who is Sandblast?

The Sandblast team of composers, producers, audio post engineers, sound designers, audio restorers and sonic specialists boasts a depth of expertise in musical talent and audio engineering that is unique in the industry. Its founding members are:


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